Apple Files Patent for a Keyboard That Transforms iPad Into MacBook

Rumors have had it that Apple has reportedly filed for a new patent for a keyboard that would see

the iPad transformed into a MacBook.

The new technology is said to be the connection between Apple’s iPad and MacBook as reports

indicated that the US. Tech giant wants to create a hinged keyboard mechanism that would give iPad

keyboard support that allows it to function like MacBook Pro. Following leaked images, the design sees

the keyboard directly attached to the tablet. Apple has previously discarded any idea of bringing the

iPad together with the MacBook line, however, the new potential patent suggests that the company

might be seeing the whole idea from a new angle and it seems like it has potential.

The patent describes a base system that features an electromechanical keyboard which will come with a

hinged coupler that attaches to the iPad in various modes including the laptop and reverses display

mode. Additionally, the device includes a keyboard, trackpad, and a touchscreen display that become

input options for the tablet.

The designs for a new tablet keyboard have not been confirmed by Apple just yet.

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