Come and Join Dozietek Community!

I have been aiming to build a community of tech enthusiasts, smartphone lovers, android modders, and people who have questions about their devices around this website, although it’s a bit early as this website isn’t even a year old. I have finally created a good forum so that this dozietek community can exist.

This dozietek community is built with flarum and has the asirem theme. These two combined have made this forum look appealing to the eyes of most. With your help, we can build another big community of techy people.

when you sign up, you can start a discussion and when you are back you should expect some replies. Also, confirm you email through the message sent to your inbox. don’t worry about spammy and unwanted messages in your email inbox, we don’t do that here.

If you are interested in signing up, click this link and sign up and remember to tick the “remember me” box so that you won’t have to login again next time you visit. cheers!

I’m also interested in having five moderators to regulate the forum. if you are interested, email me @ or just mention it in the forum.

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