Don’t Put Your Phone Inside Rice When It’s Soaked, Here’s Why

One piece of advice you frequently hear on the internet is to put your phone into a bowl of uncooked rice if it ever gets soaked inside a pool of water, but this certainly doesn’t work at all. Rice has some water-absorbing capabilities, but it is not strong enough to perform such a task, it’s as good as putting your wet phone into an empty dry bowl. Here are things that you can do that would probably save your device.

How to Save A Wet/Soaked Phone

When you accidentally drop your device into a pool of water, you should immediately turn off your phone, then remove the SIM cards (and Micro SD card) and if your device is one that the back cover is removable, open it up and remove the battery, then:

Use Silica Gel Packets

Placing silica gel packets under and on top your phone and leaving it for a few hours can do the trick, and dry out the water in your phone.

Air Dry it

leaving it out in the air to dry, or under a blowing fan after opening it up is another good action to take if such thing happens to your phone.

These days, you rarely see phones that the back panel/cover can be removed and that is another problem, So your best bet if you have a phone with unremovable back cover, is to leave it out in the air to dry, then visit your nearest phone repair shop.

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