Google Pixel 6A leak confirmed: Its coming

Rumors have been confirmed over the release of the new Google pixel 6A.

the google pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro which were released late last year was looking

like a huge success to the company especially because of the new Tensor chipset

but after a few weeks, the complaints started coming in that the device was full of

bugs like overheating, screen flickering, etc which many believe was caused by the

new chipset.

however, google has continued its plans to release a new and more affordable version of

the pixel 6 phones which they call the pixel 6A.after the launch of the Pixel 6

and Pixel 6 Pro, the tech giant opened up its fans group to more people,

giving them the opportunity to join others who happened to be as obsessed

with Google’s hardware. The members of this group have been receiving a

gifts from Google. like a Pixel-branded socks and the like, but last week,

a few lucky fans received a bigger gift than usual, which included a Nest Audio and a colouring book.

Inside the colouring book, there is a QR code that launches what appears to be a

new site that lets users enjoy a bit of colouring of Google hardware.

Images of the colouring book show a variety of black and white sketches of Google devices

like phones, smart displays, and security cameras that you can colour. A table-of-contents lists

a “Pixel 6A,”, you read it right, a phone which Google has never publicly mentioned.

Unfortunately, turning to pages 6 and 7 doesn’t show the phone. This sort of the has happened

before, to be more specific, it happened in the case of the pixel 5a.

this confirmation can be backed up by the fact  that the Pixel 3, 4 and 5 were all followed

up with the more affordable options that had the A identifier, its more likely that

the trend will also continue with the Pixel 6.

Expected specifications

top blog   9to5Google believes that the Pixel 6a will still be powered by the Google Tensor but will

have a downgraded camera system from the Pixel 6 in order to keep the cost down.

They also say that it will feature the same 12.2 MP Sony IMX363 primary sensor used

by the Pixel 3 to 5a, instead of the 50 MP GNI1 from Samsung that is used

on the Pixel 6. The unannounced Pixel 6a might also have a 12-megapixel

IMX386 ultrawide from the Pixel 6, and a 12-megapixel IMX355 selfie camera.

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