Google Purchases MicroLED Company, reigniting AR Vision

US.Tech giant, Alphabet Inc (better known as Google) has reportedly purchased a company called Raxium. Raxium is

a company which began in 2017 and are known for making microLED displays for AR glasses. Now Google Glass may

have been a failure in the tech industry, but Google hasn’t given up its AR vision and this is was much evident two

years ago, when google purchased an AR glass company called North. The terms of this Purchase between

Google and Raxium are unknown, but Google put a value of $1 billion on Raxium, according to a report from

The Information. MicroLED is preferable to OLED due to the fact that it doesn’t require backlight, and that it has high

pixel density.

Raxium company

MicroLED can also be much brighter than OLED. This is particularly important for AR smart glasses

which will be mostly be used outdoors. Raxium claims to have been able to achieve a very good performance for

R, G and B MicroLEDs at very small sizes without significant efficiency loss.

Google isn’t the only tech firm that’s working towards the future of AR/VR, other big tech firm like Apple, Microsoft,

and Meta (better known as Facebook) are also in this with their respective AR headset, Hololens 2, and Oculus Quest.

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