Green iPhone 13, Mac studio To Be Unveiled At Today’s Event

With it’s event being underway, Apple is reportedly launching new color options for the iPhone 13 and the iPad Air,

just like they did for the iPhone 12 last year, only this time, the new iPhone color is green, not sure if its Dark or Light

green,and a purple color option for the incoming iPad Air, a similar color to what’s available on the iPad Mini. There

will be no internal updates for the iPhone 13, just a new color scheme. This information is coming from Youtuber,

Luke Miani. Apple will also launch a Mac studio and a new 27 inches display at the event (images below). The Mac

Studio resembles 2 Mac minis stacked on top of each other, with silver sides and a white top with rounded edges

Apple was also expected to unveil new MacBooks at today’s “Peek Performance” event, but Luke says that’s not



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