How Starlink Works And How to Get One in Nigeria

It’s not news that Starlink will soon arrive in Nigeria, and this will be the first country in Africa to get the satellite internet service, but how does it work? what makes it a better alternative to the internet we have already? and how can you get one for yourself in Nigeria?

About Starlink and how it works

Starlink is a subscription-based satellite internet service owned by SpaceX, the private aerospace company owned by American billionaire, Elon Musk. Satellite internet is basically internet access that is provided through communication satellites that are in space. The internet access provided by MTN, Airtel, etc in Nigeria is transferred through cables.

Do we really need Starlink’s satellite internet in Nigeria? In my opinion, yes we do. cable internet has some advantages like being faster than the one provided by satellite, but the speed of satellite internet is also good enough for any internet user, and Nigeria doesn’t even have fast cable internet.

The advantage of satellite internet is that it will be able to reach all parts of the country that cable internet won’t reach since it doesn’t need a radio mast to work, meaning that where ever you are in the country, be it an urban area, or a remote village, you will be able to get strong internet service.

How to Get Starlink in for yourself in Nigeria

Starlink wants to roll out and expand its services to Nigeria this year, so interested customers can pre-order the starter kits at the price of $600, a Naira equivalent of NGN 441,000 for the hardware (which you will buy once). Starlink also stated that customers will be required to pay a montly subscription fee of $43 (N31,390) for it’s services.

This is quite expensive for the common Nigerian just to have a better internet service, but, it’s expected to get cheaper as time goes by, so for now i’ll just stick to my MTN suscription.

The pre-order for the hardware began last month and some of those who preordered then have confirmed the arrival of their starlink hardware, like the popular tech Youtuber, Fisayo Fosudo just confirmed his on twitter.

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