IOS 15.4 makes Shortcut automations more easier to use

Apple’s IOS 15.4 has given the new Shortcuts app update, the ability to disable the incredibly annoying

notifications for personal automations that users have set up on their devices as seen on Fjorden

developer, Florian Bürger’s page on Twitter.

” IOS 15.4 Beta allows you to remove the notification (& delay) when running personal automations

via Shortcuts… This means, opening Fjorden (or any other camera app) from the lock screen is now

super quick and almost seamless” is the tweet from Florian’s page.

 the shortcut automation feature is one useful tool that apple gives its users access to. It notifies iPhone

users for a lot of things, ranging from a particular time of day or arriving at a location to when your phone

reaches a certain level of battery life.  Apple had previously left the feature almost unable to serve its

purpose by putting compulsory notifications every single time the conditions were met. The new IOS

15.4 update solves this problem by adding a toggle that allows users to disable those notifications

 thereby making Apple’s Shortcut automations more usable for day-to-day tasks.

you can do this yourself by simply tapping on the automation and switching off the new “notify when

run” toggle that’ll appear if you’re running the latest IOS 15.4 beta. You will have to do it for each of

the notifications, but once you’re done with it, you’ll never be bothered by the Shortcuts notification bar

for your automations again.




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