IOS 16 Is Here With Major Upgrades To The Lock Screen

IOS 16 was released today at the WWDC 2022 event alongside other softwares for other Apple devices. For the IOS 16, the biggest update was given to the lock screen as you are now given the option of having a live wallpaper alongside the static and photo wallpaper, though its not just live wallpaper like android, but the ones included by Apple.

Rumors about an always-on display mode were flying around but Apple didn’t mention it at the event.

Notifications on IOS 16 now occupy the lower part of the screen, so you can continue to adore the photo you have placed as your wallpaper. iOS’ defacto profiles, is now available on the lock screen too. This enables you to change your focus starting from the lock screen, change the look of the UI, and decide on which apps can show notifications.

Speaking of wallpapers, you will be able to make use of photo shuffle which will either select random photos for you, or shuffle photos you’ve pre-selected.

You will now be able to customize the font and looks of the date and time portion, looks which include the color/shade and adding widgets. You’ll also be choosing which widgets you would like to be shown below the date and time.

IOS 16 Messages also got updates for you, as you can now “undo send” a message which is basically just unsending a message, you can edit your messages and you can decide to mark some messages as unread.

dictating doesn’t require data connection as its completely on-device now and its much better. There is automated emoji recognition, auto-punctuation, and complete support from siri. Live text has also extended from photos to videos.

Apple Maps on the IOS 16 will extend to 11 more countries, which include France, Switzerland, and New Zealand. Maps also introduced multistop routing, which allows you to add up to 15 stops to a single journey. 3D versions of Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, and Sydney will be available on city experiences.

Apple introduced a new generation of carplay which will be able to show vehicle data like speed, RPM, fuel, and temperature levels. Its fully customizable  and will work on all screens in the car.

Apps will be given access to Apple Wallet in order to verify you, and you’ll be able to share only the information that is required. Apple pay later will now give the option of dividing a purchase into four equal payments for up to six weeks.

iCloud Shared Photo Library will now allow you to create a separate iCloud library so that a maximum of six people can add or share photos to this library from their devices.

Developer Program members already have been given the preview of the IOS 16, while a beta version will be available by july. The IOS 16 will be released alongside the iPhone 14 lineup.

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