iPhone 15 Pro will Sport A Key Samsung Feature

We have seen rumors about this year’s upcoming iPhone 14 and its key specs which included a center, pill-shaped  cutout, But let’s talk about next year’s iPhone 15.

Rumors have it that Apple plans to use to ‘hide Face ID under the display’ feature on the iPhone 15.

This feature is currently being developed by Samsung in collaboration with Canadian company, OTI Lumionics.If this new technology is a success, the face ID would be totally hidden and will not be plainly seen.

Though in my opinion, putting the face ID under display could make it less effective. It could be just like the way the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s selfie shooter takes less quality photos just because it’s under the display

According to report from the elec, Apple is planning for iPhone 15 Pro models to have only a hole for the front camera, just like every other android phone, with Face ID hidden under the display.

This feature is initially going to be used in Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphone, then the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will follow suite.

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