iphone SE 2022 and ipad to be unveiled in the next spring event.

Apple is going to launch the new iPhone SE 2022 with 5G bands and also a new Ipad air with refreshed

capabilities. This is coming from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman who has published this predictive report.

This time, Bloomberg’s sources have shared details on Apple’s upcoming Spring event which is rumored

to be on March 8. quite early for Apple, isn’t it?

The Apple event will feature a new iPhone SE model with 5G capabilities, as has long been rumored. The

sources also say the mid-range smartphone will have a faster processor and an improved camera, but it

won’t feature a new design.

Rumors have it that the iPhone SE would still feature the home button. Though, Apple tends to fix the

battery drain associated with the use of 5G network.

The next new thing is that the iPad Air will get an upgrade. As expected, the Air will have a faster

processor, but just like the iPhone SE, it will also gain 5G capabilities. The report doesn’t specify anything

about the new iPad Air’s design, but the tablet had a significant redesign not too long ago, so we expect

the device to be a lot similar to its predecessor.

The sources also claim that Apple plans to introduce the new Apple Silicon Mac in March, though the

report does not guarantee that product will appear at the event.

Apple could possibly change its plans as The company usually finalizes its event dates with email

invitations to press and influencers about a week before the big event.

source: arstechnica.com

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