Playstation VR2 headset design surfaces

Sony has released official images of the Playstation VR2 headset along with its new sense controller.

Last month, Sony publicized the coming of its VR 2 headset but didn’t give us any design images.

Well, they did so on the 22nd of February. Sony also revealed that the VR2 was designed together with

the PS5 and this seems believable, looking at the monochrome color scheme of the new headset and

its controllers as seen in the released images.


the VR 2 will feature a slimmer and lighter design than its predecessor with support for 4K HDR

gaming at 90 or 120Hz with enhanced eye-tracking and a 110-degrees field of view. A new adjustable

lens dial was added alongside a new ventilation design. Though, the PlayStation VR2 still requires a wired

connection to a PS5 using a USB Type-C cable.

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