Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Bigger Batteries and Extra features

Every year, Samsung presents to us an all-new smartwatch. 2022 isn’t going to be different as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is already in the making.

There has been some speculations and major leaks regarding the upcoming smartwatch which i’ll share in this article, though we do not expect anything less than quality at its finest.

According to a Korean article from ET News, There will be a temperature sensor in the device which will act as your personal thermometer which you could use at anytime to check for increasing body temperature which could mean sickness in most cases.

SamMobile has also had some leaked information that screams ‘bigger battery’ on the new series of Galaxy watch 5. Samsung will increase the battery size from 247 mAh to a 276 mAh on the smaller version. On the bigger version, battery will be increased from 361 mAh to 397 mAh.

SamMobile also made mention of a Pro version of the Galaxy Watch 5, though it isn’t sure as there hasn’t been any strong evidence or leak to prove it.

We think Samsung will unveil the new smartwatch series by either the late Q3 or early Q4 of the year. That will be August, September, or October, judging by previous launch dates.

For the price of the Galaxy watch 5 series, no official price has been released, but Trusted reviews think that the price will be around the $200 to $300 price point.

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