Airdrop with Android (Alternatives)

Here Are 6 Alternatives to Airdrop With Android

Apple came up with Airdrop, a way to wirelessly transfer files between apple devices , i.e from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to Mac etc. with out a data connection, but if you are really into android, you’ll know that we have had third party apps and websites which perform the same function.

I’ll be listing out six different alternatives to Airdrop with android (three android apps, and three web apps)  that you can use to transfer files to your different android devices , and your PC. Note all the some of web apps require data connection but are more seamless.

Web Apps


Wormhole is a website which allows its users to transfer files up to 10GB in size through data connection. Using the website, you’ll first select the files you want to transfer, then there will be a generated link that you will send to the other device, or much preferably, a QR code will be generated that you can scan with the google camera on the chrome browser of the recipient device. Transfers are smooth, and can easily replicate Airdrop with android. the only problem is the use of data, so i’ll recommend you use this for smaller files.


Sharedrop is also another website that can replicate Airdrop with android. It has a different UI, i don’t think you can transfer that large amount of files. it works the same way, either a link or QR code is generated, and you’ll have to go to the link, or scan with the receiving device. I tested it, and it works perfectly.


Snapdrop is basically the same with Sharedrop. it has similar UI, either a link or QR code is generated, and you’ll have to go to the link, or scan with the receiving device, and is a good replicate for Airdrop with android. Though most people recommend Snapdrop, i found it hard to use when testing. I’ll advise you try it out on your own before making choices

Android Apps

Airdrop with android app icons

1. Xender

I have officially crowned Xender the king of file transfer for android. I don’t know about you, but where i base, this app is extremely popular, and its present in everyone’s phones (iPhone inclusive). Using the app, you,ll have to enable location on both phones, then Hotspot on one device, and WiFi on the other, and a QR code will be generated. for laptop connections, you will connect your hotspot to the PC, or Mac, then you will be given a link which can be visited without a data connection.

All these are being done without data connection. the only downside, is the intrusive ads embedded into the app, but hey, that’s how the developers get paid. this is the perfect replicate of Airdrop with android.

2. Easyshare

Easyshare was developed by Vivo, though its on the playstore, and works similarly to Xender but isn’t as good as it though. this enable you to transfer files from one device to the other. for the phone to PC transfer, you will have to download the windows APK. Its a clean replicate of Airdrop with android, and it doesn’t have ads.

3. X share

similar to Easyshare, X share was developed by Infinix, and its also on the playstore. this works the same way but i don’t see a phone to PC transfer here. the really bad downside to this app, it that is is bombarded with not just ads, but other unimportant stuff that you don’t need. do check it out though.

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