Sony HT-S400: Sound Speaker with OLED Display and Surround sound.

Sony has revealed the HT-S400 which is a mid-range sound speaker that will be sold in retail stores for USD 304. Coming from the electronics giant, the HT-S400 supports S-Force PRO front surround and Dolby Digital in its in-house virtual surround sound technology.

The soundbar outputs  at up to 330W  and it comes with a wireless subwoofer which possesses a 160mm speaker diameter. You can control the HT-S400 through a Sony Bravia TV and the sound bar settings. Though, it is unknown how sony has configured its drivers, nor what frequency range the soundbar offers.

 The HT-S400 has a built-in Bluetooth modem for connecting wirelessly to a compatible TV. However, Sony has only included SBC codec support here, a lower resolution option than aptX or LDAC. Ultimately, connecting the soundbar via HDMI will deliver the best sound quality available.

Also, Sony has integrated a small OLED display for changing settings directly on the soundbar. Alternatively, the soundbar can use the display to show your current input selection. Sony has said that it will begin shipping the HT-S400 and its accompanying subwoofer in April.

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