Sony Linkbuds WF-900 :The fuss about the doughnut-shaped Earbuds

Sony is planning on announcing the ‘so-called’ LinkBuds WF-900 Bluetooth earbuds. The Japanese Tech

giant is teasing an announcement on February 15, calling it the reveal of an “Always-on sound gateway“.

following the image in the teaser, it’s more than likely that Sony will reveal its strange-looking

doughnut-shaped earbuds

According to WinFuture, the Sony LinkBuds have a hole in the middle of the speaker. The unique thing

about them is that the speaker itself is in the shape of a ring, leaving the center open to allow ambient

sound in. The buds aren’t meant for those interested in noise-canceling tech, but, The leak says that the

users of the buds should feel like their ears are completely open to being able to hear conversations or

other ambient sounds while the music plays in the backdrop.

Moving to the long-awaited part; the specs, Sony’s own V1 Processor is expected to power the Linkbuds.

the ring driver in the Sony LinkBuds is said to have a diameter of 12mm and the buds should also carry

an IPX4 rating making them splash-proof. The LinkBuds are also expected to incorporate Digital Sound

Enhancement Engine (DSEE) to make the most of compressed file formats. They’ll also apparently come

with volume controls that increase or decrease the volume based on ambient sound. Another unique

rumored feature is that users will be able to tap the front of their ears to control the buds so there’ll

be no need to touch the buds themselves.

The battery runtime of the LinkBuds is said to be over 5.5 hours, but the charging case should extend

that to about 12 hours. The base price of the linkbuds is €200 which is around $227, in case you are

hoping to pick one up.

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