The Nothing Phone (1)’s back LEDlights Are Freaking Cool

Nothing Phone (1) honestly should bag the hype of the year award cause i haven’t seen anything as hyped as this upcoming phone since the first Oneplus device.

The design of this device is similar to that of an iPhone 12 and many other devices (but the iPhone 12 is the closest), but that transparent design kinda gives the Nothing phone (1) a cool and unique look, just like they did with the Nothing Ear 1 earbuds.

The tech start-up, Nothing unveiled their device at the Ar Basel fair auctioned 100 units of the device on stock X earlier in the day, and MKBHD, a popular tech youtuber bought this device and showed of its backlights only (due to company restrictions) and i must say that they are really cool.

Nothing Phone (1) rendersNothingNothing Phone (1) renders Phone (1) renders

First off, if you’ve been following the nothing phone (1) since the images and video clips of the device came out, you would know that Nothing has used over 900 LED lights to create a their big logo and slapped it on the back of this phone. Mind you, these lights are Much more than your normal LED lights,(also, its called the glyph interface)

First off, the LED’s can serve as your notification lights, a cool feature which used to be on devices in the past as a tiny red light on the front or flashing camera lights , but is now abandoned, or very rare to see.

It also glows when you are charging wirelessly, or reverse wirelessly . The bottom bar lights up when you are charging and also shows the level of your battery (acts as a progress bar). These lights also light up to match ten different pre-installed ringtones.

These are the available info, and more will come after the successful launch of the Nothing Phone (1) next month. So, until then this is all the info we’ve got. you can click the source link below for the full video.


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