Things To Note About Google’s Upcoming Pixel 7 Series

The Google Pixel 7 was confirmed (or, should i say leaked)  by Google at the Google I/O 2022, sharing an official image of the rear and front view.

The Pixel 7 has been much speculated, with some site rendering wrong designs, until google decided to reveal it themselves. the design is pretty much the same, except for the camera bump which has glass that covers only the cameras, and an aluminium strip for the rest of the bump.

The camera bump reminds me of the upcoming iPhone 14 front camera cutout, in fact, it stirred some vawulence, sorry, discussion on Twitter. Here are some things to note about the Pixel 7 series, so without wasting much of your time lets get to it.

The New series will have the same two models it had in the last series which are the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro, unless there will be a Pixel 7A in 2023, but we know nothing about that.

The Pixel 7 Series will run Android 13. I think this one’s pretty obvious and doesn’t com as a surprise to us, as some devices e.g Xiaomi 12 Pro are already receiving the Android 13 Beta.

The Rear cameras will be three and two on the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 respectively. We also know that they will come with the second generation of Google’s Tensor chipset. Hopefully, this SoC will be able to stand the competition.

That’s all we got for now. are you excited about the Pixel 7? let us know in the comments below


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