Top 5 True Wireless Earbuds To Get In 2022

Wired earphones are fast becoming a thing of the past while wireless earbuds are the future. you can buy earpods from as cheap as $10 to as expensive as $250, depending on the quality and durability.

These five earbuds below are dozietek’s top picks as the best wireless earbuds money can buy for now, and it will be constantly updated.

Without wasting much time, lets get into it.

5. Oraimo Freepods Pro

Oraimo Freepods Pro

The Oraimo Freepods Pro is the best value-for-Money TWS earbuds in the market. Coming in at $65, this earbuds have Active Noise Cancellation Technology that can get rid of up to 35dB noise.

It also has the Smart Transparency Mode lets ambient sound in while wearing earbuds, so that it’s wearer can be able to know whats going around his/her environment. it has blutooth 5.2 and is IPX4 certified.

It can give up to 13 hrs of listening, which can be up to 30 hrs if the power stored in the charging bin is included.

4. Beats Fit Pro Earbuds

Beats Fit Pro Earbuds

The Beats is a subsidiary of Apple, but apple doesn’t give it as much concentration as the Airpods, This Beats Fit Pro can last up to 7 hours with ANC off,and extends to 30 hours with charging case power included.

It supports spatial audio and transparency mode.All this goes for roughly $200

3. Oneplus Buds Pro

Oneplus Buds Pro

The Oneplus Buds pro is one of our top ranked earbuds. This Earbuds feature Active Noise Cancellation Technology.It has a 7 hours play time with ANC off and 38 hours with charging case.the Oneplus Buds Pro is rated IP55 water-resistant.

It has bluetooth which has a 40m range. overall, this buds are a good choice only that it doesn’t have enough playback time  with ANC on. It has a cost of just $79 and its good.


2. Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

The Apple Airpods Pro is quite good as regards to sound quality.The Airpods Pro features Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound and Transparency mode for hearing what’s happening around you.

this has an outward-facing microphone detects external sound and blocks it and also features spatial sound for an immersive experience during gaming. its water resistant and can charge wirelessly.

1. Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds

Sony really did the best this time. This buds comes with Active Noise Cancellation. it has a special VI processor for    better ANC performance and Bluetooth System.

It also has ambient mode for hearing what is going on around you and has this Adaptive Sound Control which is used to tailor to sound to suit your location.

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