How to Transfer Money from M-Pesa to KCB Bank

This page will teach you how to transfer money from M-Pesa to your KCB Bank account as it is one of the many queries. M-Pesa is a popular online or mobile banking service introduced in Kenya while KCB Bank is one of the commercial banks which is based in Nairobi. If you are reading this article, chances are you have an account with both banks, so I will teach you how to transfer money between both accounts.

How to transfer your money from M-Pesa to KCB

  1. Go to your M-PESA menu
  2. Enter KCB paybill number 522522
  3. Then enter the KCB account number to transfer money to
  4. Enter the amount to send
  5. Then enter your M-PESA PIN
  6. Confirm that all details you have entered are correct, then send the money
  7. Wait for the MPESA transaction confirmation SMS

M-Pesa attaches fees to all trasactions made on its platforms, so to transfer money from M-Pesa to KCB bank account, you will pay a sum of 55 Kshs, but, this fee can be avoided by opening a KCB M-Benki account, that is, opening a KCB account through M-Pesa.

How to transfer money from KCB to M-Pesa

  1. Dial *522# on your phone and input your M-Benki PIN to begin the transaction.
  2.  From the drop-down menu, choose “MyKash,” and then “M-Pesa.”
  3. Enter the amount you wish to send, up to fifty Kenyan shillings (KSh). The total cost of your transaction will be shown, alongside the amount you wish to send.
  4. click “send
  5. You will be notified of the deposit in your M-PESA account via SMS.

There is no additional cost for sending money from KCB account to M-Pesa so you have nothing to worry if you’re doing just that.

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