Twitter Bans 100 Accounts Promoting The “I stand with Putin” Hashtag.

Yesterday, NBC Friday reported that there is an ongoing investigation to apprehend the twitter users who are

promoting Russian President, Vladimir Putin’s military operation in Ukraine and this violates twitter’s policy of

“platform manipulation and spam policy.”

Twitter has banned Over 100 of these accounts , with twitter stating that tweets from these accounts

are a propaganda assault supporting the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

These suspicious tweets were first noticed and reported by an assistant professor of Middle East studies and digital

humanities at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, Marc Owen Jones.

The hashtag “I stand with Putin” trended on Twitter for a short time, but the accounts retweeting the message and

using the hashtag are thought to be fake as the accounts had low amount of followers and also used stock images

for their profile pictures. In related news, Other social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Reddit have

banned the Russian state media from using their platforms since Putin launched the Ukrainian invasion.




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