Vivo X Note Review: What Most Would Call A Phablet

The Vivo X Note is ‘kind of’ Vivo’s answer to the flagship competition this year, at least, until the X80 Pro and X80 Pro+ arrive.

The Vivo X Note comes with all flagship specifications on paper, ranging from a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip to 80W of fast charging, but, is it able to stand or beat the competition?

we are about to find out how it performs in real life.

Design and display


The design of the Vivo X Note is quite similar to what we on last year’s Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. The device is what most people refer to as ‘Phablet’, a name which was given to the iPhone 7 because of it’size.

But this device is way larger, coming in at 7 inches and 80 mm wide. It has a leather back finish with two straight lines close to the end of both sides. The camera island is one that stretches to the other end, its a quad setup trapped inside a ring. the whole island is covered by glass, it has quad LED lights, and a Zeiss branding at the top right corner.

The top and bottom of the phone holds the SIM card tray that doesn’t accept memory cards, a USB-C charging port, dual stereo speakers, a mic, an IR blaster,and an alert slider.

The screen is a 7.1″ AMOLED panel that also has LTPO technology in order to maintain the 120Hz refresh rate. It has a screen ratio of 21:10. The display holds the front camera in a centered hole-punch, and an Ultrasonic fingerprint reader which is really fast and opens up the ‘quick action’ gimmick.

The Vivo X Note comes in three colors: light blue, black and grey (more like fading brown)

Vivo X Note Performance

SD 8 gen 1 on the Vivo X Note

The Vivo X Note has a good for day-to-day activities, but for gaming, i could say its good, but not as good as the competition. these are the scores from popular benchmark tests:

  • Geekbench 5- 1,206 (single core)

– 3,689 (multi core)

  •  AnTuTu       – 1,020,045
  • 3D wild life  – 6’291

While these scores are high, the gaming isn’t to high-end as there is a drop in frame rate and an increase in temperature when playing graphics-demanding games such as Genshin impact and Call of Duty mobile. playing other less graphical games are good for sure.

It is worth noting that the Vivo X Note,with its XL screen, has no stylus support (try to learn from Samsung).

Vivo X Note Photography

Vivo X Note camera module

This is the best Part of the Vivo X Note for me. The quad rear setup features a 50 MP main shooter, a 48 MP ultra wide camera, a 12 MP Portrait camera, and an 8 MP telephoto camera.

The Vivo X Note takes excellent photos but it’s still not up to the flagship competition though.  It has a superb dynamic range, more vibrant colors and better white balance.

Night photos are good when there is a source of light around the environment. The ultra-wide shots and 10x zoom are are great too. its an all-round great device for taking photos. it shoots videos in  8K down to 1080p.

The front camera is a 16 MP wide shooter which takes good selfies, handles dynamic range well and sadly, shoots videos in 1080p. the camera software also has great modes or features you would like to play with


80 watts of fast charging

This smartphone features a large 5000 mAh Li-Po battery that can charge at a speed of 80 watts getting you device from 0% to full charge in 35 minutes.

the device is sure to last you up to 10 hours before recharge i.e if you don’t play heavy games. It also supports 50 watts wireless charging and 10 watts reverse wireless charging.


In conclusion to this long manuscript, the Vivo X Note is a good device both in performance, software and photography, but it isn’t the best out there.


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