What Super-Fast Charging Means For Your Battery

Fast charging is becoming more prominent in the lives of our electric/electronic products, ranging from Phones to EVs as it tends to save time.

As much as we love to see our devices being filled up in a short amount of time, what does this mean for our battery? are we reducing our battery health in the long run?

allow me to explain it in this article.

How it works

SuperVOOC, hypercharge or whatever companies call it, is the ability of your battery to be filled up at a faster rate. this process depends on two things: the Power expelled by the charging brick and the charging circuit used in the device.

Many smartphone now feature chargers which go as fast as 66W, 90W, or even 120W. the fastest charging brick was in the experimental Infinix device which had a 160W brick inside and Xiaomi’s 200W charging. though, they never entered the market.

Regardless of the charger you use to charge your phone,  it can only draw in power that the charging circuit was made to collect. The fastest charging smartphones presently in the market are the Realme GT Neo 3 and the just released Oneplus Ace topping at 120W.

Battery charging

Is fast charging reducing your Battery’s health

It affects your battery health minimally, especially when we are moving from Li-ion batteries, which take heat as an enemy, to Li-Po batteries.

Fast charging batteries have two stages when getting filled up. The first stage is when the battery is almost or completely. In this stage the circuit takes in as much power as possible.

The second stage is when the battery percentage gets to a certain level, at this stage the circuit reduces the power it takes in. that’s why in charger tests, it might take 5 minutes to get to 50% but 13 minutes to get to full charge.

What do Manufacturers do to enhance your fast-charging experience and protect your battery from potential damage?

Well, some implement a dual battery system, with this system, both battery share in the high input of power.  its like two men carry something instead of one.

though this doesn’t guarantee that your battery will live longer than those without fast charge circuit.


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